1. I have arranged a 10 page PDF booklet of arrangements for 10-string lyre, featuring 2 examples of the actual surviving music of ancient Greece & 8 arrangements of my own compositions in a selection of some of the original ancient Greek Modes - this booklet is freely downloadable here.

I also offer a very limited number of one-to-one lyre lessons via Skype or Facebook Video Chat - for further details on availability, please contact me directly!

2. There is a new series of beginners tuition books available from Marini Made Harps for their wonderful 10-string "Davidic Harp" (their beautifully hand-crafted 10-string lyre which I have had the pleasure of playing since 2011).

The Marini's are devout Christians and although the "faith-biased" melodies in these books may not appeal to everyone, these publications are still a really invaluable resource for anyone wishing to learn the basics of lyre playing with either a different faith or none at all, because as far as I know, these are the only tuition books for beginners lyre which exists in the world! These publications can be purchased here

3. Here is a fantastic online resource for learning to play the lyre! By entering any specific tuning for a lyre of any specific number of strings, the following program (in the 'chords' section), enables one to 'block and strum' almost any imaginable chord on the lyre, by the ancient lyre playing technique of blocking specific strings with the left hand, whilst strumming with the plectrum, only those strings required to sound:



Below are purchase links on Amazon, to titles of some invaluable books relating to music in the ancient world:


Suzanne Haik-Vantoura: "The Music of the Bible Revealed: The Deciphering of a Millenary Notation" (BIBAL Press & King David's Harp, Inc, 1991) 

Joachim Braun: "Music in Ancient Israel/Palestine - Archaeological, Written & Comparative Sources" (Wm. B. Erdmans Publishing Company, 2002).

Richard J. Dumbrill, "The Archeomusicology of The Ancient Near East" (Trafford Publishing, 2005) 

Curt Sachs: "The Rise of Music in the Ancient World: East and West" (Dover Publications - July 24, 2008)

Martin L. West: "Documents of Ancient Greek Music: The Extant Melodies and Fragments" (Oxford University Press, USA - September 13, 2001)




Egypt and the Semites Part II: The Second Intermediate Period

Jews and Music - The Legacy of Jubal





International Study Group on Music Archaeology

An International Study Group on all matters of Archaeomusicology, Paleo-Organology & Music Prehistory.

Apollo's Muses: Group for the Study of the Ancient Music, Theory & Practice - Facebook Group

Group for musicologists, performers, and other historians interested in working on music from the Ancient world up to the Carolingian Renaissance, as well as any music employing principles of Ancient Music and Ancient Music Theory, and who want to share ideas and keep in touch with others with similar interests.

The Lyre - Facebook Group

A fascinating Facebook Group, started by Lyre Luthier, Michael J King, this is an open forum for the discussion of anything & everything to do with lyres & lyre making. 

Plato's Academy

A blog about everything ancient Greek...

Cyprus Orchestra Of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments

Michalis Georgiou
of Cyprus has been steeped in that island’s ancient, always visible history, and over twenty years ago stepped in the world of instrument reconstruction.  Already a lifelong musician, Georgiou took to his workshop and recreated a large number of ancient Greek instruments; most interestingly for this paper, he has built over 23 different types of stringed instruments, many of which can be classified as lyres.  He formed a large award-winning student-based orchestra to perform reconstructions of ancient music on these instruments, leading to:

…the creation of Terpandros, (named after the great musician of antiquity), founded officially in November 2000. It is a non-profit institution with specific aims, namely the reconstruction of ancient Greek musical instruments, the study, revival and projection of ancient Greek music, and finally research on subjects that are related to Greek civilization.  I have personally undertaken the reconstruction of the ancient instruments, the activities of Terpandros. Other members of the research team are working on Greek philosophy, ancient Greek discourse and its pronunciation, mathematics and their relationship with discourse and music, performance of ancient Greek music, and the writing of a book for the teaching of ancient Greek music. The holding of seminars, concerts and other events is also one of the main activities of Terpandros.”



Luthieros Ancient and Modern Music Instruments

Luthieros are specialist luthiers based in Thessaloniki, Greece, who have a wonderful range of hand-made chelys-style ancient Greek lyres.

Palaeophones - Ancient Musical Instruments

Luthiers specializing in creating stunning replica musical instruments from throughout the ancient world.

Marini Made Harps

Hand-made Davidic Harp makers of outstanding quality! I personally recommend the Marini Made Davidic Harp, for anyone with a passion for either spiritual or ancient music.

Ethnic Musical Instruments

Mid East Ethnic Instruments manufactures an incredibly affordable range of Biblical lyres, including the Kinnor & Nevel - ideal for the beginner!

Nikolaos Brass

Nikolaos Brass, a Greek-based musical instrument maker, specializes in making amazing replica ancient Greek Kitharas & Lyras...

Kate and Corwen Ancient Musical Instruments

Corwen Broch is a unique luthier, specializing in recreating the North European lyres of the Dark Ages...

Michael J King Musical Instruments and Plans

Michael specialises in recreating replica Northern European Lyres of the Dark Ages, based upon the unique remains of the Anglo Saxon lyre discovered at Sutton Hoo...

JRV LUTHIER Construcción de arpas, liras y otros instrumentos de cuerda.

Jrv Luthier is a Spanish based craftsman, specializing in the construction of beautiful quality lyres, harps, lutes, psalteries and other string instruments...

Thomas Handwerker

Thomas Handwerker is a luthier, specialising in making beautifully ornate replica Trossingen Lyres - the Germanic Lyre of the Dark Ages.

Atelier Tri Nox Samoni - Facture Instrumentale

Benjamin Simao is a French based craftsman, specializing in making early music strings & wind instruments. He has constructed some finely crafted replica Anglo Saxon lyres & Kithara-style lyres... 

Uganda's Leading Music & Entertainment Website

The amazingly archaic Ugandan Adungu arched harp can be ordered from this site - the Adungu is virtually identical to the arched harps once played in ancient Egypt, since the Old Kingdom, some 4500 years ago...

The Adungu features in my EP album, "The Ancient Egyptian Harp" 

Learn to Play the Adungu!: Bow Harp from Northern Uganda

A unique instructional book by Martin Klabunde, on how to play the traditional style Adungu (the instrument features in my album "The Ancient Egyptian Harp") - the incredibly archaic 9 string arched harp with a skin soundboard, is virtually identical to the ancient Egyptian Shoulder Harp of the New Kingdom, last played some 3500 years ago...

Marino Gutierrez

Marino Gutierrez is a maker of Biblical Lyres, based in Spain...

Harrari Harps

The Harrari's are makers of Biblical lyres & harps, based in Jerusalem...

David Harp Company

Makers of Biblical Lyres, based in the USA...

Jubilee Harps

Jubilee Harps are makers of Biblical lyres, based in the USA...




All of my albums are available from iTunes Stores around the world, as well as streaming on Apple Music.


All my albums are available from Amazon MP3 Store! 

Physical CD's of my debut album "King David's Lyre; Echoes of Ancient Israel" are also available to order, anywhere in the world, from Amazon Music Stores.

CD Baby

All my albums are available for instant download, literally anywhere in the world, from CD Baby, because unlike iTunes Stores, is not limited by specific territories. Physical CDs of "King David's Lyre; Echoes of Ancient Israel" are also available to order from CD Baby.


Unlike other major music digital stores, such as iTunes, Amazon MP3 Store & CD Baby, Bandcamp gives the unique option of being able to instantly download either CD quality, lossless audio files (WAVs, FLACs, AIFFs etc) or amazing broadcast quality 320kbps MP3s, of any of my albums! Bonus features included with each download, are a HD video of my BBC 4 performance and a free PDF booklet of detailed album notes.

Google Play Store - all of my albums are now available on Google Play Store; the world's only ancient lyre music Samsung cell phone ring-tones can be found on here!

Spotify - Each and every track from each and every one of my albums can be streamed and shared on Spotify.



My YouTube Channel

Countless videos of my many "Musical Adventures in Time Travel" performed on my lyres...also featuring my performances of traditional Jewish Klezmer music on my 256 year old fiddle (as well as some seriously "Semitically Surreal" arrangements of quaint, Eastern European Traditional Jewish Klezmer music...for 5-string banjo, electric violin, electric mandolin, "Silent Movie"- style piano & "Thrash Metal" electric guitar!)



My now defunct Myspace page - where all the research & historical background to my albums first began!


The Klezmer Fiddle

Following the release of my 2 albums of Klezmer Fiddle Music, "Echoes of the Shtetl" & "The Klezmer Fiddle", I created this separate website to promote the albums, with an abundance of fascinating historical details about the origin of Klezmer music, and a unique selection of precious, rare photographs of the tragically lost Shtetls of Eastern Europe, where Klezmer music once blossomed for centuries, prior to the virtual total destruction of Jewish culture in Eastern Europe during the Holocaust.


Michael Levy - Composer For Lyre Facebook Page

Visit my Facebook page for all updates on my new albums, new YouTube videos and all the latest news and album reviews.




The Orpheus Project

In May 2012, I had the pleasure of collabrating in the recording of an epic Roman-themed album, "SPQR", composed by Michael & Maryanne Tedstone, for the Felt Music Sound Library (for use in television & film).

Michael & Marynne brought together a group of ancient music specialist musicans, including myself, called "The Orpheus Project".  This album, recorded & mixed at the legendary George Martin Air Edel Studios in London, features my lyre...

Rebecca Penkett

In 2012, I had the pleasure of jamming with the talented folk harpist, Rebecca Penkett. I was so pleased with one of our spontaneous sessions, that it now features as track 17, "Realm of the Ancestors", in my album "Musical Adventures in Time Travel".

Rebecca has also recorded several of her own albums of featuring solo harp - click on the link above to hear a selection of her albums on CD Baby... 

Clint Goss

In 2009, Clint Goss released the album "Jam Tracks in F# Minor" - a selection of music from several different artists, which can be accompanied by Native American Flute.

This CD features Clint's miraculous remastering of the original audio from my "virtually viral" Youtube video of my first "live" performance of Dr Richard Dumbrill's interpretation of the 3400 Hurrian Hymn Text H6, from ancient Ugarit - the modern musical notation of which, I first stumbled across back in 2008, on Clint Goss' own website! 

My remastered, original "live" Youtube performance of the Hurrian Hymn can be heard on track 21 of this album...

TM Camp

Tracks from my albums "The Ancient Greek Lyre" & "Apollo's Lyre" featured in this iTunes podcast of the intriguing new book by TM Camp, "The Cradle".

Robina Beckles Willson

A fascinating audio CD of educational Children's stories by the UK author, Robina Beckles Willson, set in ancient times, featuring clips from my album, "The Ancient Egyptian Harp"




I am always willing to consider link exchanges between my website & other potentially relevant websites. Please contact me directly for consideration of a link exchange...

Panagiotis Tsandaris

Panagiotis Tsandaris directed, filmed and edited the video shoots in ancient Europos of my performances on a wide range of the beautiful replica ancient Greek lyres made by Luthieros:

"Backdrop Video Creations is a professional video production company that specializes in promotional video but also provides wedding videos, music clips, event videos etc. Check their site to see for yourself!":


National Centre for Early Music
The National Centre for Early Music is a directory of professional early music ensembles and performers based in the UK. It is designed to raise the profile of early music by making artists’ details more accessible to promoters and the public.

We at provide good quality musical instruments link bassoon cane, bassoon reeds, oboe cane and oboe reeds. We also repair musical instruments such as woodwind and trumpet etc.

CD Duplication Phoenix

CDROM2GO provides finest quality CD duplicatiThe Ancient Egyptian Harpfont-size: medium; /spandd font-size: medium;on and replication services, equipment and products at the most competitive prices in Phoenix, Arizona.

Prashant Chopra

A construction guy whose passion is movies and thus interested in giving movie reviews...

Car Stereo Systems

McIntosh Labs USA provides high end audio products which include the amplifier, preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers and many more...

Ratio To Sense

A blog on harmonic and acoustic theory  by John Stephens, Sitarist...

Psalms Online 

The purpose of this website is to share the timeless, miraculous positive experience of reciting psalms-tehillim


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