ANCIENT LYRE MUSIC FOR MEDITATION - Ambient/Meditative Compilation Album

"An Outstanding Compilation...

This album is a compilation of some of the most meditative and beautiful recordings made by today's foremost lyrist, Michael Levy.

This collection contains works gleaned largely from Mr. Levy's Greek- and Roman-themed albums recorded between 2012-2017. A few tracks are unique to this collection, however, including a new arrangement of "Ancient Visions," a work originally featured in Mr. Levy's 2010 release "Ancient Visions: New Compositions for an Ancient Lyre" as well as the remarkable "Etude in the Olympos Pentatonic Scale."

The album features performances on a number of expertly reconstructed ancient lyres, all employing "just" (or pure) intonation. The employment of this natural intonational system is intrinsic to the soothing quality of the music. A number of ancient musical scales, with their beautiful and haunting intonational subtleties, are also featured throughout the tracks in this collection.

Among others, this album is a helpful aid to prayer, meditation, yoga, therapy, or simply to help one relax one's mind and body after (or during) a stressful day.

Highlights include "In an Ancient Roman Garden," "The Golden Age of Pericles," "Minerva," "Odysseus and the Sirens," "Sacred Reverie," "Etude in the Archytas Enharmonic Genus," "Etude in the Olympos Pentatonic Scale," and "Ascenion of the Lyre."

Michael C. - Amazon (USA) Review of "Ancient Lyre Music for Meditation"

This compilation album features a selection of my most meditative tracks, which were first featured in a wide selection of my earlier releases between 2013-2017, in addition to this new track, "Etude in the Olympos Pentantonic Scale" - a spontaneous improvisation in this haunting ancient Greek tuning, for my stunningly authentic custom-built Luthieros replica ancient Greek tortoise shell lyre, with a perfectly preserved natural tortoise shell and authentic gut strings:

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